Heat Pumps

 What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is a device that maintains optimal indoor temperature throughout the year by forcing heat in or out of a building.

How a heat pump works

A heat pump controls the amount of hot air that is entering or leaving your home through a closed circuit system. During cold weather, the pump extracts hot air from the air outside and forces it inside. During warmer weather, a heat pump forces hot air out of the home.

Are heat pumps efficient?

In the mild Northwest climate of Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington, a heat pump is often a very efficient heating and cooling option. Because a heat pump is simply moving heat, not generating it, it uses less energy, making it a greener, more cost-effective option.

Heat Pumps Portland Supplier

We carry top quality heat pump units including the popular Carrier residential heat pumps. We also offer heat pump repair so your pump is always functioning at top capacity.

For even greater efficiency, consider a geothermal heat pump.

Looking for a heat pump in the Portland or Vancouver area? Jacobs offers the top residential and commercial heating and cooling options. Whether you’re looking for an air conditioning unit, furnace, or a heat pump, our team of professional technicians will provide personalized HVAC installation and service.

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