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Wood fireplaces are a staple of many older homes, but did you know they could be costing you hundreds of dollars a month? Between energy costs from heat loss, chimney cleaning fees, and buying wood, an old fireplace really adds up! At Jacobs, we’re proud to offer fireplace inserts from Heat & Glo that give you the warmth you know and love from fireplaces without the hassle. Contact us for a quote today!

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All Fire, No Smoke

Heat & Glo fireplace inserts can transform your existing fireplace into a beautiful and efficient center piece, without major renovations. New fireplace inserts provide all the warmth of a traditional fireplace, but without the messy soot and ash. Not only is it cleaner, but it’s also more efficient- no drafty fireplace taking warm and cool air out of your home and dollars out of your pocket. Plus, you’ll never need to find a dry place to store firewood during our wet Northwest winters again. And if you’d like to give your modern unit a traditional look, Jacobs Heating & Air Conditioning also provides repair, replacement, and installation services for masonry fireplaces.

With models for all styles and price points, we’re sure to have something that works for you. Contact Jacobs HVAC today and get a quote on installation, repair, or to schedule an energy audit. Our trained professionals know the Northwest, and we can make sure your home is as efficient as possible.