Duct Free Heat Pumps

Duct-free single-split, multi-split and whole home heat pumps

When heating or cooling your home, you want a system that gives you control without sacrificing efficiency. Consider replacing your existing electric heating system with a ductless system to give you maximum output for your money. With a duct-free system you can immediately turn your home’s old heating infrastructure into a sleek and efficient modern system!

With our selection duct-free single-split, multi-split and whole home heat pump systems, you can fine-tune your comfort level throughout the home with ease. Each room has an individual remote, so you can keep the living room warm and bedrooms cold. Ductless systems offer precise control without being loud. Plus, with utility incentives for customers throughout the Portland area, it’s never been cheaper to improve your home’s HVAC system.

Bring your home’s heating and cooling system into the 21st century with a smart system that works around you, with automated controls, app integration, and unprecedented efficiency. Jacobs is proud to be the premier HVAC installation and repair provider in Portland and Vancouver since 1952. Browse our selection of duct free systems below and contact us today!

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