Carrier Côr™

Carrier Côr Smart Thermostats

With the Carrier Côr line of home automation products, you can create a smarter, safer, and more comfortable home without breaking the bank.

Control Your Home, Away from Home

With the wi-fi enabled Carrier Côr system, you can access and control your thermostat, lighting, and home security from virtually anywhere. Plus, unlike most thermostats, the Côr thermostat not only learns, but it can also teach you different ways to optimize your energy consumption with the push of a button. With the Côr mobile app, you can monitor your energy reports and adjust your heating and cooling settings on the go. The Smart Setback feature adapts to help you achieve greater efficiency to help you save. By adapting to outside weather conditions, it helps your heating & cooling system operate and peak efficiency while you’re away, and returns to your preferred comfort levels before you arrive home.

Security at Your Fingertips

The Côr system also helps you monitor your home without additional security services. Using a variety of sensors, it can send you notifications anytime there is a disturbance in your home. Plus, Côr allows you to set a schedule ahead of time to control anything form your lighting to thermostat, and it will automatically switch to your preferred settings.

And, with remote connectivity, monitoring your home has never been easier. View a live video feed, lock and unlock doors, and adjust your home’s temperature for your phone or tablet. All you need is an internet connection.

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