Energy Audit

An energy audit, also known as an energy assessment, is an important way to determine opportunities to make your home more energy efficient. It may uncover issues that when corrected will reduce your home’s energy needs. Please complete the form below and one of our Comfort Specialist Representatives will make recommendations on how to make your home more energy efficient.

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Which of these fuels do you use in your home?
 Electric Natural Gas Propane Fuel Oil Wood

Do you own or rent your home?
 Own Rent

What year did you move into your home?

What type of home do you have?
 Single-family detached Townhouse/Condominium Apartment/Duplex Mobile/Manufactured Home Other

What is your home's construction type?
 Wood Frame Steel Frame Other

Including yourself, how many people live in your home?

Select the statement that best completes this sentence: "Someone is home... "
 all of the time most of the time some of the time not at all

What is the heated/cooled square footage of your home?

What year was your home built?

How would you describe your home's foundation?
 Slab on grade Enclosed crawl space (no foundation vents) Open crawl space (has foundation vents) Full basement

On average, at what temperature do you set your thermostat?




What is the level of insulation in your attic?
 Poor (0"-3" of insulation) OK (3"-6" of insulation) Fair (6"-9" of insulation) Good (9" of insulation) Excellent (10" of insulation and over) Unknown

Are your walls insulated?
 Yes No

Are your floors insulated?
 Yes No

Windows & Doors

On a windy day, which best describes the amount of air leakage around your windows?
 Very drafty Moderate air movement No draft

What is the condition of your door's weatherstripping?
 Poor Average Good

Which one of the following best describes the type of windows in your home?
 Single pane - without storm windows Single pane - with storm windows Double pane - without storm windows Double pane - with storm windows Triple pane - without storm windows Triple pane - with storm windows

Which one of the following best describes the type of exterior doors in your home?
 Hollow wooden Solid wooden Insulated metal

Do you have a storm door?
 Yes No

Ducts & Sealing

What is the condition of your ducts?
 Poor Average Good Unknown

(Your ductwork, in the attic, basement,or crawl spaces, is the piping that carries the heated and cooled air from your unit to all of the rooms in your home. The ducts should be covered with insulation, and the joints should be taped.)

Air Conditioning

What is your main source of cooling?
 Central electric A/C Geothermal heat pump Air source heat pump Dual fuel heat pump Electric window/wall A/C Evaporative cooler Central gas A/C Other None

Space Heating

What is your main source of heating?
 Gas furnace (forced-air) without a pilot light Gas furnace (forced-air) with a pilot light Gas furnace (hot water) with a pump Gas boiler Gas space heater (wall) Gas space heater (floor) Dual fuel heat pump Electric furnace (forced-air) Geothermal heat pump Air source heat pump Electric baseboard or wall units Ceiling cable Electric thermal storage Other None

Do you use a programmable thermostat?
 Yes No