When the furnace in our split entry home entered the final stages of it’s useful life, I called Jacobs Heating to come out and give me a quote. The sales person they sent, Mark Summerfield, arrived promptly and prepared. He listened attentively to my concerns about life in East County with a furnace that was not able to keep up with the demands placed on it by the howling winter winds. Not only did he perform the load calculations to determine the correct furnace for the installation, he came back out with a Jacobs engineer to insure that requirements were understood and would be met effectively. Long story made short, I am one happy camper going in to my second heating season with my new Carrier furnace. I no longer suffer from cold spots in the house, my gas bill is lower, the furnace is so quiet you have to stand next to it and place your hand on it to know that it is running. The temperature in my house does not occillate any more from 65 to 72 as it did with my old system, in fact I don’t believe that it varies more than 1 degree regardless of how cold and miserable it is outside. If you are in the market for a new heating and cooling system, you owe it to yourself to give them a call and talk to one of their salespeople. I am extremely satisfied with my decision to focus on long term physical comfort and not short term financial concerns.

– Scott D