As an employee, I would like to say, for the record, that Jacobs Heating has given me the greatest opportunity to become a better individual and contributor to society in the sense that they have recognized me as a hardworking, team player that will help represent Jacobs in a positive and productive manner, beneficial to the company and also the customer to which, without, we would not be. Without such managerial representatives as Fred P. (hired by) and Jack T. (supervised by), I would not have been able to advance into the current position (service technician) that I occupy. And without Jennifer Smith, who hired me to my current position, I would not have been able to achieve the possibilities for future growth that I have obtained in the HVAC field. Jacobs, basically, has given me the chance to better myself as an individual, and, has helped to broaden my horizons as a career seeking, goal oriented, responsible individual. For these things, I say, THANK YOU Jacobs Heating, and may other future prospects find the satisfaction and gratification that has been my pleasure to experience at “The best heating and air conditioning company on the planet”! Thank You, Unit #27

– Steven M.