The final part of my furnace installation was just completed by Rob. I was so extremely impressed by his smile, diligence and (especially) his work ethic. I work with service technicians and know there are many personality types. His is exemplary! He explained the programming of the thermostat, showed me how to replace the filter, explained a lot of other things I now I’ll never really understand. But it made me feel so very comfortable knowing what he had done and why. He treated every question I had with respect and gave me a most professional answer. Keep him and treat him well. He is a very valuable representative of your company. I sincerely hope you share my feelings in your quarterly meeting!

Ps: I’m so sorry I don’t remember the name of the first technician who came to my house to check out the initial problem. He was so informative and thorough. A wonderful gentleman who spent special time to explain what the issues were with the furnace. I extend my most gracious thanks to him as well. And I don’t want to forget Scott (?). He was here with Rob on the first phase. Didn’t get to talk to him very much, but enjoyed his sense of humor.

Good group of people you have!!!!

A very satisfied customer,

S.P., Portland, OR