We have used Jacobs for our businesses and I have used them personally for my home. They are always responsive, honest, detailed and committed to our happiness and comfort and quality of work. I have used them for maintenance, repair and new installation and every time they have done a great job in diagnosing and fixing our problems and working with us on complicated and long-term issues to find the most efficient and affordable solutions. Yes, others might be cheaper, but you pay for that in the long run with shoddy work and corner-cutting that can shorten the life of your system and be more expensive in the long run. They stand behind their work and will come fix something and make it right if they need to. A special recommendation for their repair and maintenance guy Brian C.. He is personable and has great attention to detail. He has also been very committed to working on a system that hadn’t been maintained properly and get it to it’s best working potential. I recommend Jacobs highly for either commercial or home maintenance, repair and new installations.

We have a unit in one of our businesses that hasn’t been taken care of as well as it should have and Brian C. has worked on it to get it to it’s best potential with the least amount of cost possible. They also do regular maintenance and filter changes for us. We also have had to call them on occasion for emergency repair and they come within a few hours and get things working right away. For my home, they did accidentally put holes in my newly refinished floor. When discovered, they took responsibility on the spot and repaired it with no hassle or difficulty at all.

– Portland, OR