You might pay a little more for Jacobs than some other heating and AC places but trust me, these guys are worth what little extra you might shell out.

On a chilly Friday night we had a busted furnace and Daryl from Jacobs came out with a new part for it. But just as he got it going our carbon monoxide detector went off. We were in CO denial and tried to brush it off as a malfunction but Daryl wasn’t having any of it. He went out to his van, got a brand new CO detector, put a battery in it and let that alarm go off as well to make the point: we had a carbon monoxide problem.

I can’t say for sure we’d have made it to see the daylight if Daryl hadn’t been so adamant about the risk. He waited until the next day for us to get the all clear from the gas co. before he restarted our furnace. And then he came back at 5 PM on a Saturday and spent an hour to make sure everything was running properly. Daryl rocks.

The short story is we’re not only alive but also warm at this point. Oh yeah, we went ahead and bought that second CO alarm for the upstairs!

– Tom A.