Jacobs Heating and Cooling installed a complete hydronic heating system in my home at 1542 SE 36th Ave, Portland OR to replace an old boiler that had been there for nearly 100 years. They did an excellent job, from designing and fabricating the components and system according to my needs and what I wanted, through installation and operation. Brian, Brandon, and Mike worked in a very professional and friendly way with me to make sure the system went in and functioned properly. Brian did the design work, and beautiful and functional craftsman-like work on the main distribution board. He was always available for consultation and advice via email and cell phone. Brandon, the plumber for this job, really sweated the tough details of installing the PEX distribution components and hooking them up to my existing hot water radiators, particularly in very confined spaces and where the old iron fittings were difficult to connect to. Mike, the boiler startup technician, did a terrific job of installing the wireless thermostat controls, and the control system components in general. All three of them really listened to me, and that was the most satisfying part of having Jacobs as a contractor. I feel as if they really knew what they were doing, and did it an outstanding manner. I am sure to refer other customers to Jacobs, in fact my daughter needs a new heating system at her house, and I want Jacobs to do the work! I would be happy to speak to any prospective customers Jacobs might have, and tell them what a great experience I had with Jacobs.

Bob K. Portland, OR