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Beat the Heat, Service or Repair Air Conditioning Units in Portland, OR with Jacob's HVAC

Portland, OR (June 19, 2014) As temperatures rise and the days grow longer, homeowners are looking for ways to easily and more efficiently cool their homes during the summer months.

Easy Ways Air For Filtering and Ventilation in Portland, OR from Jacob's HVAC

Portland, OR (April 23, 2014) Springtime brings along an influx of pollen and pathogens that put homes and offices at risk of generating health issues. Jacobs Heating and Air Conditioning offers solutions that provide homes with clean, pure air, ensuring that families can breathe safely. By merging top-tier efficiency, advanced technology, and over 60 years of expertise, Jacobs improves indoor air quality for all types of homes.

Energy-Efficient Solutions for 45° Central in Oregon from Jacob's HVAC

Portland, OR (December 31, 2013)Jacobs Heating and Air Conditioning helped 45° Central, a new housing community in Beaverton, meet their sustainability goals by installing a highly energy-efficient heat pump system, tankless hot water heaters, and heat recovery fresh air ventilation that minimized the homes’ carbon footprints while providing superior comfort.

D Street Village Office Lofts In Portland , OR Get Jacob's HVAC Effecient Retrofit

Portland, OR (October 17, 2013)Jacobs Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to partner with the D Street Village Office Lofts during its overhaul of the historic mill building in Southeast Portland. With the help of Jacobs Heating & Air Conditioning, D Street Village developers have been able to install energy efficient Daikin heat pumps and take one more substantial step toward sustainability.

Stoller Winery & Net Positive Energy from Jacob's HVAC in Portland, OR

Dayton, OR (August 28, 2013) When Stoller Family Estate Winery wanted to become a “Net Positive Energy” structure, they turned to Jacobs Heating and Air Conditioning for help. The company has been an expert in Portland HVAC since 1952, and had been recently working with new technology that made it much easier to heat and cool buildings year-round utilizing self-generated solar power.

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